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Fryeat Spiral Potato Pellets

Fryeat Spiral Potato Pellets

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to Use

• Fryeat is a delicious and convenient ready-to-fry snack made from potatoes.
• You can fry it with a healthy oil of your choice to create a tasty and satisfying snack.
• Sprinkle on your favorite seasonings to add extra flavor to your Fryeat.
• Fryeat is made from quality ingredients, giving you the goodness of home in every bite.
• Enjoy Fryeat as a snack anytime, whether you're watching a movie, hanging out with friends, or just need a quick bite to eat.
• With Fryeat, you can enjoy the crispy, satisfying taste of fried snacks without having to leave your home.
• Fryeat is easy to prepare, making it a great option for busy individuals or anyone who wants a quick and tasty snack.
• Try Fryeat as a quick and satisfying snack anytime, anywhere.
• Order now and experience the crispy, satisfying taste of Fryeat for yourself!

Generic Name Fryeat Spiral Ready to fry
Net Quantity 100 gm
Manufactured By/Processed And Packed By A Innovative Food Products LLP
Marketed By Shareat
Best Before/ Use By 24 Months
Country of Orgin India
FSSAI License 10017021002446
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What People are Saying

  • I recently tried the Foochka Mint Flavor jal balls from Shareat and they were a refreshing and unique snack. The mint flavor was subtle but added a nice touch to the spicy pani puri. Would recommend!

    - Jaimit Patel

  • Pani puri of shareat is very delicious and very tasty.

    - Venisha Modi

  • I recently tried the Hing Jal balls and they were a flavorful and addictive snack. The hing flavor was bold but not overwhelming, and the spice level was just right. I enjoyed every bite and will definitely be purchasing again. Highly recommend for anyone who loves savory snacks!

    - Heena Parmar

  • Minimos Pizza Flavor Pani Puri is a unique and tasty twist on the traditional Indian street food. The pizza flavor adds a delicious and savory dimension to the crispy and tangy pani puri. It's a fun snack.

    - Vikash Raj Yadav

  • The combination of crispy puri and the pani flavour it have is a prefect combination. The burst of flavors and textures in each bite is simply amazing.

    - Chandrakant Patil

  • Food Quality is very nice, Great in Taste and the best pani puri ever.

    - Hemang Patel