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Problem: unhygienic street food

India is renowned for its vibrant culture and rich heritage, but it's also famous for its delectable street food.

However, while roadside carts may offer tempting treats, their lack of hygiene can often lead to health problems.

In 2012, One such scenario had occurred with a family member of SharEat, which had serious repercussions.

The heartbreaking experience was a wake-up call, highlighting the need for street food that is both hygienic and delicious.

That's how, idea for SharEat took root, igniting a passion to bring safe, delicious street food to everyone's plates!

The launch – hygienic street food solution

In 2015, Mr. Jayesh Patel, Mr. Pankaj Dadhaniya, started working on this idea and after having a clear road map to head on.

An intensive research and development went into refining and perfecting the concept of SharEat, resulting in a truly unique and innovative solution for safe and delicious street food.

For the proof of concept, it was launched at a consumer exhibition in 2018 at Ahmedabad place.

Response was not that great in the beginning. But, soon buzz was created around and people soon learned about SharEat's unique features and flocked to try it and started inquiring for the same.

This was just the beginning…

Never looked back

The outstanding success of our first exhibition provided the team with the boost of confidence they needed to fully invest in SharEat.

After that we never stopped and grew to be among the

We are the largest panipuri exporter

Production of 2cr
Panipuri Per day

Exporting in
40+ countries

22+ products

Our Vision

We see every human being get nutrition rich food and which become source of energy , deliver joy and experience

Our Mission

We are on Mission to help food lover but fast movers to cook quick & healthy meals by our Ready Mix Panipuri Kit which creates a unique panipuri experience and give assurance of quality, hygiene and taste.

We Will Always Standby to

We see every human being get nutrition rich food and which become source of energy,
deliver joy and experience

No Compromise on taste

No Compromise with your health

No Refined flour

No harmful preservatives

Quality ingredients only

Less oily for your healthy heart

Unique and unmatched experience

Our Founder’s

Mr. Jayesh Patel

Director - Sales and Marketing

Mr. Pankaj Dadhaniya

Director - Finance & HR