The Shareat Panipuri Machine:  indian Street Food:

The Shareat Panipuri Machine: indian Street Food:

Shareat Panipuri Franchise :Revolutionizing Fully Automatic Panipuri Machine

India is celebrated not only for its vibrant culture and rich heritage but also for its delectable street food. One such iconic street snack is Panipuri, known as Golgappa in some regions. However, while these roadside delights may be tempting, concerns about hygiene and food safety often linger in the back of our minds. It's time to change that narrative and embrace a new era of street food with the Shareat Panipuri Franchise.

What is a Panipuri machine?

The Shareat Panipuri Machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment, incorporating India's first patented technology for live Panipuri frying. It also includes a Panipuri pani dispensing machine, making it a comprehensive solution for Panipuri experience.

Types of Panipuri machines

  1. 3 nozzle Panipuri machines: These machines allow for efficient Panipuri preparation, with three nozzles for filling and dispensing 3 delicious flavours.
  2. 5 nozzle Panipuri machines: Ideal for higher footfall, these machines can fill more Panipuris simultaneously, catering to larger crowds.
  3. 12 nozzle Panipuri machines: The pinnacle of Panipuri machines, these can handle significant demand with their dozen nozzles, ensuring a steady flow of delectable Panipuris.

Advantages of using a Panipuri machine

  1. Live Panipuri frying in front of your eyes: With the Shareat Panipuri Machine, customers can witness the magic of Panipuri preparation, instilling confidence in the hygiene and quality of the food.
  2. Hands-free experience: Vendors can focus on serving customers and managing their business while the machine efficiently prepares Panipuris.
  3. Fully hygienic: Say goodbye to concerns about street food hygiene; the Shareat Panipuri Machine is designed to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards.

How Panipuri Machines Work

A Shareat Panipuri Machine simplifies the Panipuri-making process, ensuring consistent quality and speed. It offers an overview of the Panipuri making process, step-by-step operation, and a high level of efficiency.

Benefits of Using Panipuri Machines

Quality and consistency in Panipuri preparation

The Shareat Panipuri Machine guarantees that every Panipuri served is of the same high quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Hygiene and food safety

By reducing manual handling and ensuring automated hygiene protocols, this machine sets new standards for street food safety.

Cost-effectiveness and profitability for Franchise owner

While the initial investment in a Panipuri machine may seem significant, it pays off in the long run through reduced labor costs and increased sales due to the consistent quality of Panipuris.

Reduced manual labor and human error

Automation eliminates the need for extensive manual labor and minimizes the chances of human error, leading to higher productivity and fewer product inconsistencies.

Choosing the Right Panipuri Machine

When selecting a Panipuri machine, consider factors such as production capacity (3600 per hour puri frying capacity), size, design, material quality, and budget.

Cost of Panipuri Machine

Shareat offers a range of options, with franchise costs starting from 1.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs, which includes not only the machine but also first fill of  raw materials.

Maintenance and Care of Panipuri Machines

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Shareat Panipuri Machine, follow cleaning and sanitation tips, perform routine maintenance procedures, and familiarize yourself with troubleshooting common issues.

Panipuri Franchise Business Opportunities

Discover how a Shareat Panipuri Kiosk can help you start a Panipuri business or expand an existing street food venture. Explore opportunities like selling ready-to-eat Panipuri in retail, catering bulk orders, and catering parties.


The Shareat Panipuri Franchise is ushering in a new era of street food, where quality, hygiene, and efficiency take center stage. Street food vendors now have the tools to offer an unparalleled Panipuri experience, and with franchise costs ranging from 1.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs, including raw material supplies, this innovative technology is more accessible than ever. Embrace this exciting future of street food with Shareat Panipuri Machines.


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